Five Simple Home Office Fixes to Create a Productive Space

Home offices can start off pretty simple. Sometimes it’s a desk in your loft, or maybe just a chair at your kitchen table. But no matter how your space started, once you have a place to call your own, it’s probably time for a décor change. 

Don’t get me wrong, the blank walls and the semi-broken chair you got from Goodwill are fantastic, but we know that you’re worth better. So, these are Office Maniac’s five simple home office fixes:

Office Maniac - 5 Simple Home Office Fixes Pin

1. Optimize Color

Scientists discovered years ago that people respond differently when they see different colors, and that different colors help people in different ways. Yellow is a great color to get creative energy flowing, and green is fantastic for relaxation. Determine what colors work best for you, and incorporate them in as many different ways as possible. 

Office Maniac - Use Colors

2. Include Live Plants

Infinite studies have found that when you put a plant into your workspace, not only does the air quality increase, your mental state will too. Plants provide a great escape for anyone who misses the feeling of nature during long workdays.  Snake plant, peace lilies, bamboo, and aloe are just a few options to add some positive vibes into your space. 

Office Maniac - Include Live Plants

3. Find Proper Lighting

It’s impossible to argue with the fact that natural light has a lot of benefits. Sun exposure can help keep focus, but also is easier on your eyes than artificial light sources. If you don’t have the option of natural light, try to find bright, white bulbs to feel a similar energy boost. 

Office Maniac - Find Proper Lighting

4. Keep Your Space Clean

One thing that can be incredibly draining on your productivity is a chaotic space. When you have a home for everything in your office, it’s much easier to realize how much space you really have, and use that space effectively. With a clear desk and an understandable organizational system, it’s much easier to focus on things that need to be done, rather than just focusing on how much of a mess your space is. 

Office Maniac - Keep Your Space Clean

5. Find a scent that works for you

Office work often neglects one of your most important senses. Smell. There’s plenty of evidence that supports scent being a critical part of productivity. Whereas peppermint is great for energizing and concentration, citrus is a phenomenal de-stressor. And there’s no need to worry about forgetting to blow out a candle, as essential oil diffusers are a valuable- and safe- tool to keep all your senses engaged.

Office Maniac - 5 Simple Home Office Fixes

Whether you’re just starting your at home empire, or you’re looking for a motivational boost in your current space, there are small décor fixes that can make a big difference in your productivity. Just don’t get too caught up in decorating you forget about the work part.

“If you love your workspace, you’ll love your work a little more.”

Cynthia Rowley
Comments (2)
March 7, 2019

Some great ideas. I think I’ll definitely have to try some different scents. Some of them smell so good.

March 7, 2019

Keeping my desk organized is a goal lol. Great tips!!!

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